Hedge meter – 4 steps to a perfect fence



Hedge meter mature and dense, easy to calculate feet that you need;

Nature and intimacy from the first day;

Your oasis of tranquility, relaxation, peace and calm;

Clean air (oxygen);

Away from the eyes of neighbors / foreign;

Barrier against noise, dust, wind;

Natural boundary of space;

Time gained compared with the traditional method of planting seedlings;

The rate of grip 100%;

Density instant, mature plants, the highest quality;

Reared in optimal conditions;

Plants are perfectly healthy;

Mix the ground, formula 100% dedicated;

Security – density prevents unwanted visitors;

Define the word “home” personality and giving tiny habitation;

Natural boundary of closed spaces.

Types of hedges:

– Buxus sempervirens;

– Thuja occidentalis ‘Brabant’;

– Taxus baccata;

– Prunus lusitanica;

– Photinia fraseri ‘Red Robin’;

– Ligustrum ovalifolium;

– Ilex;

– Fagus sylvatica;

– Carpinus betulus.


  • 100-120 cm  or  160+ cm;

● Price: include all transport costs

● Order: multiple of 5 pieces, fully paid in advance

● Payment: bank transfer or credit card accepted

● Delivery: standard time is generally 15 days