Smart garden is a instant garden solution specially developed for urban farming, suitable for any space and can be used individually or several modules fitted together in various combinations, depending on available space.

Ideal for terraces, flats or wherever you want to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers with high efficiency in a small space. Smart Garden eliminates bending during gardening and is perfect for people with mobility problems. It is designed with a shelf storage for sprayer or other garden tools.

The soil is very affordable, requires no stooping or bending the back knee and offers many other advantages: fewer weeds, less damage and no soil compaction.

Smart Garden is very simple to assemble and comes in a compact and lightweight package. Assembling will not last more than half an hour, and all materials are of high quality and UV protection. Follow the assembly instructions included in the package.

  •  Price: include transport for payment with card.
  • Payment: accept bank transfer or credit card.
  • Delivery: generally the standard time is 1-3 days.